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Timber Buildings Use Simple Construction Techniques

The timber building is an old and proven building. Centuries ago, ancient civilizations discovered the ease of building pillars, and are now reaffirming. The main pillar structure consists of vertical columns, horizontal elements, ribs or frames, and columns. Building a great quality timber frame and trusses is very simple and sturdy.

The timber is built far to the floor and extends to the top of the building to support the roof. Skyscrapers are designed and built according to the same philosophy, although on a much larger scale, using a variety of building materials.

The timber frame structure must have a cast or foundation concrete slab. The frame structure is then constructed and tethered to a base or plate. The additional costs, time, energy, and skills required for specific parts of the building are the main drawbacks of using this construction technique.

Traditional wooden frame construction and modern post beam construction are very strong and have a pleasing appearance, but require large beams or wood for horizontal and vertical elements, which are currently not usually available without high costs and labor skills. 

Timber buildings are built using a combination of timber and wooden frames and bolt frames using the best of this approach. Vertical beams are used as a construction buffer that connects horizontal wood that is lighter and easier to do.