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Selecting a Wheel Balancer

First, you need to consider the volume and performance level of the wheels to be serviced. If the balancer is for a tire dealer or shop, you want to provide the highest level of service possible, if for a general repair shop, a tire balancing near me with a simpler option may suffice.

Balance Considerations:

For a small shop or repair shop looking to offer wheel balancing, the following options should be considered:

1. DC motor or 220 volt motor, it avoids overheating when balancing multiple sets at once.

2. A hidden function of the spokes, this allows the internal weight to be placed behind the spokes for best looking rims after balancing.

3. It saves time by positioning the wheel where you need to add weight each time the tire rotates by indexing the stop position.

4. Many aluminum modes, this feature allows for many combinations of wheel weights and hammers to suit all wheel styles.

5. Loosen, hold, save time quickly by eliminating the need to screw the retaining nut every time the tire is installed.

6. Make sure you have the capacity to make wheels to the size your customer has, 22" to 24" diameter is the minimum, also check width and weight capacity, it's not uncommon to see combo 150 lb tires/rims.

7. High-precision mode, the higher the accuracy, the better for difficult-to-operate vehicles.

Calibration, look for an easy-to-use calibration procedure, some wheel balancers have a rotation test to determine if the wheel balancer needs to be calibrated. Always ask if local parts and service are available for your balancer of choice.