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Telegram – Adds new wallpaper customization options

The official Telegram app knows how to make every update interesting. In this case, the newly released version 5.3.0 for Android includes the new 2.0 chat background. This built-in tool is used to find, create and share wallpapers that you can apply to your chats in the app.

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Image Source: Google
You can access this new menu from Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Background. There you can choose between landscape and nature backgrounds available in the stock app, use an image from your gallery, or even just solid colors. Also, if you tap on the search icon, you can use the built-in image search option to find the color or text you want.
After selecting the image you want, you can see what it will look like in the chat preview. There you can also add some effects: the default blur effect or the ability to add motion according to the orientation of the device using the built-in gyroscope.
In addition, you can share the finished composition with your contacts, which they will receive as a special card, allowing them to activate the background directly in their own application.