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The Benefits Of A Biometric Time And Attendance System

Once upon a time, attendance and time management systems could be done with just a few sheets of paper. For all but the smallest businesses, these days are gone. Relying on an outdated paper-based time and attendance systems can be costly and cause problems for your business in many ways.

Modern systems incorporate highly precise, efficient, and appropriate data capture methods. This allows for a more accurate reflection of modern business and employees. The evolution of communications technology has allowed for dramatic changes in business operations over the last few years.

Every new advancement in communication technology and business operating practices brings new challenges to the existing time- and attendance system. 

It will take time to implement a paper-based attendance system every day, week, or month. For businesses that operate across multiple locations, it will also require staff to collect and consolidate the information.

Most of the time, the information is outdated and probably not accurate by the time it is done. Staff will need to be truthful about attendance in a paper-based system. 

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. People often round up their work hours. Although this may be only a small percentage of the time, it can add up to several hours per week and many weeks each year.

A paper-based attendance and time system makes it difficult for departments to access the information they require. The personnel department and human resources department might need access to data regarding disciplinary matters.