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The Tips To Plan Your Plant-Based Diet

Although it isn't difficult, planning plant-based meals take time. This is how we make sure that our meal planning doesn't take too much time or irritate our taste buds.

Make a list of all the food you have at home (except for dry goods). Second, think about the type of meals that you would like to make. Select one of the following options:

  • Breakfasts: porridges (oatmeal and millet), smoothies, and buckwheat rice.
  • Snacks: Bread, muffins and cookies, seasonal fruits, nuts, and seeds.
  • Lunches and dinners: soups, stews, and salads; pasta, risotto, and curries; tortillas and simple steamed vegetables with boiled grains or legumes.

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10 Deliciously Simple Plant-Based Breakfast Recipes Eat This Not That

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When meal planning, remember:

  • You should eat a variety of foods each day, including different grains, legumes and vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and nuts.
  • You can eat a rainbow every day – something green or yellow, something orange, some purple, something red, and something white/brown.
  • You can choose from the local seasonal fruits and veggies. They are cheaper and fresher.
  • For a mid-morning snack, eat fruits and vegetables with some nuts if you had a breakfast that was grain-based.
  • For breakfast, you can have porridge, muffins, cookies, or bread.
  • You can have a dessert made from grains (muffins or cookies) if you don't want to eat as many grains as possible.

It is worth mentioning that you should consider your stock and what veggies and fruits will be used in your main meals and morning smoothies.

Tip – It is a smart idea to make a lot of cookies and muffins to freeze for easy snacking throughout the week.