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The Types Of Eye Screening Tests

Different types of eye screening tests are important for your eye health and safety. Some screenings are recommended for everyone, while others are only recommended for people who may be at risk for certain diseases. 

You can also buy a vision screening machine to test your vision at home.

6 Eye Tests in a Basic Eye Exam - All About Eyes

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Some common eye screenings include: 

-Anchor Screening Test: This test measures the strength of your eyes’ ability to keep their focus on an object. If you have a strong anchor screen, it means you have good vision and don't need to get screened. However, if you have a weak anchor screen, you may need to get screened because your vision may be declining. 

-Automated Finger Touch Screen (AFT) Scan: This is a quick test that uses a computer to measure how fast you can accurately place your fingers on a screen and then identify any problems with your hand movement. AFT scans can help identify conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis that can affect your hand movement and lead to vision problems. 

-Ophthalmoscopic Examination: An ophthalmoscopic examination uses a mirror and magnifying lens to look inside your eyes. During the examination, the doctor may check for problems with your retina, macula (the part of your eye


As we age, our eyesight often suffers. This is especially true if you are predisposed to eye diseases such as macular degeneration or glaucoma. Eye screenings can detect these diseases early on, and in some cases, they can be prevented with regular eye exams and treatment. 

If you're concerned about your eye health – or if you just want to make sure that you're taking the best possible care of your eyes – it's important to get screened for various conditions.