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Types of Garden Lighting

There are many types of garden lighting that can be used to beautify your yard or garden. One popular type is landscape lighting. Landscape lighting can be used to light up a pathway, walkway, or another area of your yard. 

It can also be used to illuminate flowers and trees. There are many different types of modern landscape design available, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs. 

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One type of landscape lighting is spotlights. Spotlights are a popular choice for illuminating areas like pathways or flower beds. They provide a bright light that is focused on specific areas. Spotlights are easy to use and can be moved around the yard easily. 

Another type of landscape lighting is floodlighting. Floodlighting includes both spotlight and area lighting options. Area lighting includes fixtures that give a wide spread of light while spotlighting specific areas. It is perfect for illuminating large areas like gardens or lawns. Floodlighting is great for creating a dramatic effect in your garden or yard. 

There are also options for nightlight gardening. Nightlight gardening includes using low-wattage lamps to provide a soft glow while you sleep.  Choosing landscape or garden lighting can be a daunting task. 

Whatever you choose the type of garden lighting, be sure to consult with an expert to ensure that the light is correctly installed and provides the desired effect.

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