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Ultra Track Pan Railroad Spill Containment

It is a unique solution for railcar and train spillages. This unit is designed for the containment of hazardous substances that can cause severe damage to the environment. If you are looking for railroad track improvement firms, you can visit various online sites.

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The unit can handle large quantities of spillage; its storage capacity grows as spillage flows to neighboring pans. It is compliant with many regulations and has a useful life expectancy of between 20-30 years. 

It is, therefore, safe to say that this unit will pay for itself many times as it saves you a lot in regulatory fines, cleanup costs, and other expenses.

The key benefits and features of ultra track pans include the avoidance of costly cleanups and the reduction of regulatory fines. Ultra track pans are made to protect the environment from spillages. 

Track pans can be made at any length thanks to the modular patent. Patented in the sealed system that prevents spills from falling between rails and pans. Ultra track pans are affordable and will pay for themselves many, many times over should there be a spillage.

The track pans are easy to install and require no special equipment. To capture spillages and leaks, small, portable track pans can be used. Each center pan and side pan are four-and-a-half feet in length.