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Use Red Light Therapy To Get A Great Skin

Stimulating collagen is key to maintaining healthy skin. There are many ways to do this. Vitamins A, E, and C, as well as the many acids and peel treatments, and IPL, are great for stimulating collagen. Many of these treatments use inflammation to increase the skin's cell turnover rate and plump the skin.

However, there's another great treatment under the 'Stimulating Collagen’ banner that doesn't cause any skin damage. Although Light therapy is a technology that has been around for some time, it is still considered to be the most recent breakthrough in skincare technology. Red light treatment can combat the signs of aging such as dry skin and wrinkles. 

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It works in the same way as photosynthesis in plants. The RED light triggers intracellular chemical reactions that can cause cellular turnover, collagen production, and elastin fiber production. The production of ATP from the skin's mitochondria triggers cell production. This energy release stimulates the production of healthy cells, which then replace the damaged ones. 

This procedure is different from other light treatments like IPL and Laser. Instead of using heat to damage the dermal layers, the cells get an energy boost. This treatment is safe and effective without any known contraindications. Light therapy is a method that improves wound healing. As we have already mentioned, it has been used in medical settings for years.

Now, as equipment costs are falling, spas and beauty salons are introducing them. The anti-aging spectrum of light is 615nm to 640nm. This creates the RED color. Specific frequencies trigger the brain's receptors. Different frequencies trigger different responses. The effects of sun damage and aging on the skin can be countered by exposing the skin to RED light.