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What Makes a Good Court Reporter?

There are not as many court reporters as there are lawyers, and yet no court proceeding will ever be held without a good court clerk present. They are experienced professionals in modern technology, they have techniques for recording real dialogues and conversations. The recording is verbatim, meaning that each word is exactly what the speaker said.

This is where their main expertise lies: they can record everything accurately and completely to keep a record of the exact words spoken and the people involved in the verbal exchange that took place. If you want to hire a court reporter, then navigate to this website.

What Makes Them Perfect?

Speaking and Listening Skills – Good listening skills and the ability to hear accents are great qualities for a clerk to have. This is important because the reporter needs to keep a word-by-word record and copy it onto paper. Whether the clerk uses a shorthand machine, electronic recording device, or voice recognition device, he or she must always be focused and alert while listening to and recording court proceedings.

Language skills include the grammar skills used by clerks when preparing legal transcripts and official records. They make their own corrections before submitting their work to court.

Accuracy and Speed – Accuracy affects the quality of records and their transcripts and is critical in determining the integrity of legal records. In fact, clerks are trained to improve their accuracy. On the other hand, speed is also important. Speed in this profession refers to the speed of writing, which affects the ability to successfully record court proceedings and timely transcription of the record.

While accuracy cannot be compromised with speed, court reporters still have to maintain a certain speed while recording. This is to ensure they catch what people are saying.