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5 Custom Web Design and Build Mistakes to Avoid!

There are thousands of websites online offering to 'instruct you great layout by showing you bad design'. But when you remove from the page and get started contemplating your custom made website design, things are seldom as clear cut because the internet’s 'Peanut Gallery' prefer to create the look! 

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Custom Web Design - 3 Practical Tips For Choosing A Good Web Design Company

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1. The wall of text

The data on your webpages must be well divided instead of just one large chunk of text, so you can achieve this by utilizing:

• Main headings

• Subheading

• Bullet points

• Paragraph breaks

• Graphics – only a few

Whenever you're performing the copywriting for your website, you need to seriously consider if it's the part of information wants' to be around the website.

2. Attempting to be particular but only being plain bizarre

Do not get me wrong – there are a lot of ways that your company should be unique. When it comes to custom site design, However, try not to question conventions such as:

• Putting the menu at the top or left of a page

• Labelling search buttons 'Search', submit buttons 'Submit' etc

• Keeping the navigation constant

Your site should seem unique, but if function the same way that many others of its kind do.

3. Avoid using PDFs

Just include significant details on PDFs if required. They take a very long time to load, are not simple to read and navigate, and need too much consideration to save or print!

4. Poor search facilities

Possessing a search box is great – however, in case it yields only 'precise' matches it'll be exceedingly frustrating for the customers.

Do not proceed with the cheap' search box when constructing it in your internet development – that is 1 place of custom web design in which you want to put quality first.

5. Failing to utilize keywords

Knowing the keywords which are related to your organization and ensuring that you simply use them on your content and headings is important not merely for your own Google placement, but the readers.