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How to Choose the Right LED Strip?

LED lights or strips have become one of the most popular LED products on the market. They replace not only light bulb strips, but also some neon tubes, and definitely offer endless possibilities for advertising and decorating bars, hotels and other public places. 

With the rapid development of LED technology, it is now available in a very bright version that allows users to use it as a task or, in rare cases, even as a primary source of lighting. Its use is popular in both residential and commercial sectors, so we have compiled the most important properties of strip lights that consumers need to consider when making the right choice. You can look for the best lighting online at Color Lighting by Ligman.

Top 4 considerations before buying flexible LED strip lights - Flexfire LEDs, Inc.

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Of all the determinants above, the type and size of the LED included is perhaps the most important, both determining brightness or performance. This difference was discussed in one of our previous articles on How different LED technologies (Low Power, SMD Power and High Power) perform, as well as diode sizes. 

The newer the LED technology and the larger the size, of course, the brighter it will be. Another determining factor for performance is of course, for example, the number of LEDs in the strip in one meter. 

The LED color palette is now endless, as any color can be generated using RGB technology. There are usually two or three shades of white: bright white or cool white – a bluish-white version, very bright, warm white – which is more yellowish like the sun, and natural white – which is a combination of the two to varying degrees. White color temperature is measured in Kelvin, and a higher color temperature is a cool or bluish-white color and a lower color temperature is a warmer white.