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Know About Underground Utility Repair & Installation In Los Angeles

Underground utility installation often requires digging deep trenches that can be unsafe. Construction safety issues can affect property owners in unexpected ways.

Sewer & Water Line Installation

Companies prevent costly repairs and utility work by making sure your sewer lines and water lines are installed properly the first time.

Underground Utilities Repair or Replacement

Damaged, cracked, or burst lines and pipes can be disastrous for your property.

Their team fixes water mains and sewer pipes with the goal of eliminating current stress and preventing future issues – typically through pipelining or full pipe replacement.

The best solution will depend on your property’s soil makeup, earth stability, and seasonal conditions.

Pipe replacement is a long-term solution, also used to address critical failures. They can fully replace underground pipelines, or repair, patch, or line pipes when replacement isn’t an option.

Water Main or Sewer Line Extension, Laterals, & Connecting to City Lines

When necessary, they can extend your utility lines to encompass more of your property.

If you’re developing property on new ground, they can construct lateral water and sewer lines that connect to main city lines.

Switching from Well Water to City Water

If your commercial property is currently on well water, you might be considering switching to city water.  This switch can benefit your business in a lot of ways — from improving the taste of your food and drinks to limiting foul odor to eliminating hard water.

It seems expensive and time-consuming, but they can make it easier. they acquire the necessary permits and provide a fair price quote to make the switch seamless.