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Log Home Restoration – Things You Should Know

Log home maintenance is a vital part of the overall log home experience. Enjoying the beauty of the rustic setting is very satisfying, but to neglect or postpone regular maintenance could turn rustic into ruin. Too often the homeowner is too busy or maybe just not familiar with what is required to keep a log home protected from the harsh elements.

You can also opt for the services of log home maintenance restoration.

Log Cabin Stain

Periodic inspections should be performed on a regular basis and proper action is taken when a problem is found. Unlike stick-built homes, logs that are machine milled, hand-hewn, flat-faced, or beams all have one thing in common. Whether kiln dried or air dried, they will expand and contract when temperature and humidity change.

Warping and twisting can occur causing joints to pull apart, sealants to fail and caulking to come loose as well as issues with stain adhesion. If not addressed, air and insects can easily enter the home causing not only a nuisance but making the home much less energy efficient. Moreover, water infiltration can cause mold and mildew problems, unsightly staining of the logs, and most importantly, wood rot. This can easily be avoided.

The following checklist can be used as a guide to help you keep your log home in good condition, weather tight, and beautiful for years to come.

1. Walk around your log home and actually take notes of problems or potential problems. You may be surprised at the list you compile.

2. If possible, it is a good idea to get up on the roof to check for loose or damaged shingles. Check to see that plumbing vent pipe flashings are tight around the pipe and properly sealed to the shingles. Also, check chimney flashing, rain diverters, gutters, and downspouts.