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The Number One Investment For A spring-ready Summer pool

Dark days and cold temperatures wait for no one. Keeping your pool in shape is a great way to avoid water damage and lessen the chance of a pool-related tragedy this summer. However, taking care of your pool might be a bit more complicated. That's where pool covers come in!

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If you have a pool, an automatic cover is the number one investment for a spring-ready summer. It not only keeps your pool clean and protected from debris but also helps to regulate water temperature and keep your swimming area free of algae. Plus, it increases the enjoyment of your pool by keeping it cool in the summer months.

How to Install a Swimming Pool

1. Choose the right cover for your pool. There is a variety of automatic pool covers available, from simple models that open and close with the sun or wind, to more sophisticated models that track the weather and open automatically when it gets hot or wet. 

2. Install the cover correctly. Make sure you install the cover correctly so it opens and closes correctly. 

3. Check for leaks. Once you've installed your cover, check for leaks by filling your pool with water and seeing if the cover opens.

Common Errors and Tips for Getting the Best Protection For Your Swimming Pool

1. Not Choosing The Right Pool Cover Size

A common mistake pool owners make is not choosing the right size pool cover. A too-small cover will not provide adequate protection from the sun, rain, or wind, while a cover that is too large will cause water to collect on the sides of the pool and reduce visibility. 

2. Failing To Properly Weatherproof The Pool Cover

Even if you choose the correct size pool cover, it is still necessary to weatherproof it to prevent water infiltration. A properly waterproofed cover will help keep water out in heavy rain and snowfall and during extremely hot or cold weather conditions.

When shopping for an automatic pool cover, be sure to read the reviews so you can find the perfect product for your needs. Trust me, an investment like this is well worth it!