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Truvada Lawsuit – Do You Have an Injury Claim

Several studies, including a 2010 National Institutes of clinical trial funded by the health of MSM, have shown that when taken as directed, PrEP reduced so significantly the likelihood of HIV infection in individuals in populations at high risk.

About 50 000 people are infected with HIV each year in the United States. Truvada for PrEP has not significantly reduced the incidence of HIV. If you face any problem regarding truvada then you can take the help of Truvada lawsuits.

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Even after the publication of the CDC guidelines, some doctors are reluctant to prescribe PrEP for men who are active gays unless they are in monogamous relationships serodiscordant (one partner has HIV and the other does not).

Everyone is in danger. Clinicians who feel more comfortable prescribing Truvada to prevent HIV say they continue to exercise caution due to the risk of non-compliance, the medication's potential side effects, and the probability that patients may develop a false sense of safety.

"You have to make sure you start with good patient counseling on risk reduction," he said. "Truvada, if taken daily, protects against HIV, but it will not prevent other  transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, herpes and warts.

All of these are highly contagious and sometimes very serious ". Doctors should be cautious when questioning and treating patients.

In the area of medicine, we have been successful at pathologizing an effective way for people to express their feelings and attraction to each other.