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Can I Handle and Remove Asbestos Products on My Own?

Newcastle Asbestos

Removing or even handling a product containing Asbestos is considered a highly dangerous activity. Due to its many minute toxic fibres, any asbestos-containing products should never be handled on your own. A slight break or even slightly disturbing the product can release these fibres airborne making them immediately harmful to everyone around the area. 

Once airborne the microscopic fibres are easily breathed in and they find themselves on tissues of various organs in the body and tear the tissue linings eventually. Cancer mainly lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma are all diseases born out of inhaling these toxic fibres.

The diseases are known to develop over time and by trying to remove a product containing asbestos the particles and fibres will remain and stay at your place meaning more years of unknown exposure and even more risk of becoming seriously ill.

Therefore, if you think you might have identified asbestos in a product, it is highly advised to not touch the product and call-in experts and specialists to deal with the product. If you are currently residing in a home built before the year 2000, it is advised to get the home tested for any asbestos products. If the test returns positive, removal must be top-priority.

For properly dealing with Asbestos, Newcastle is the place where you will find people who will properly handle a dangerous material like asbestos and even dispose it properly so it won’t affect the health of anyone around.

Important Facts one Should know about Exposure to Asbestos

 in Newcastle asbestos testing

Capable of causing harmful diseases to the human body is called asbestos. This is a thin material comprising of harmless appearance however, if it enters the body then it is considered as dangerous. These are some of the facts you should know once you or any individual gets exposed to asbestos.

  1. The Majority of the asbestos is capable of coming out of the body but, few materials sadly enter which gets accumulated on the surface of the lungs. If it does manage to enter the lungs then the symptom only starts to show after a few years. Symptoms include chest pains, difficulty in breathing etc.
  2. If an individual is exposed to asbestos for a longer period of time, then it can cause serious issues even life-threatening in few cases.
  3. Even after an individual goes through treatment, there is no guarantee of safety stated by the US Environmental Protection Agency.
  4. After taking a few treatments, you are still in danger of diseases caused by asbestos.
  5. Around 3000 people in the United States of America are faced with asbestos-related problems. And it seems the numbers keep adding up.
  6. An individual exposed to asbestos only starts to show symptoms once he or she crosses the age of 30. Before that, it is hard to find any symptoms.
  7. If you smoke, then consider quitting immediately as asbestos causes diseases such as lung cancer. After all, the diseases caused by asbestos are all related to the lungs.

After reading these facts on asbestos, consider getting asbestos testing in Newcastle from a professional and get it removed asap.

Remove Asbestos With the Most Cost- Effective Technique


Asbestos is a material that is used for various construction works due to its strength and resistance to heat. Although asbestos is used in almost all construction uses, its health hazards cannot be ignored. It has various cancer-causing agents which can be a serious threat to the lungs when inhaled.

The excavation and demolition tasks involving asbestos must therefore be given to responsible companies who are adept in handling such a sensitive material. Asbestos inspection in Newcastle is undertaken by a number of companies who have a team of experts. Removing asbestos does not only require masons but engineers and health experts who can identify the hazardous from non-hazardous materials.

  • Cost Effective Techniques: The asbestos removing procedure can cost huge bucks if not planned or executed properly. The company makes sure the simple task of excavation or demolition does not come with a huge price and is affordable to those who desire it.
  • Planned and Organized Excavation: The activity of excavation or asbestos removal is planned in advance days before to execute the task in one go and with efficiency. A planned activity reduces the risk of backlog and also uses the resources and labour in the best possible way.

Thus it can be concluded that if you have any excavation or demolition work coming up and you are looking for the best company to ease your task then look no further. Leave all your concerns and worries with the company for assured results.